MSG offers the most cost-effective high-quality turret solutions in the industry.

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  • Certified bearing rings (with varying load ratings)
  • Custom-designed adapter plates or integration
  • Traversing mechanism (manual or powered)
  • Turret braking system (proprietary system)
  • Travel lock (above or below turret)
  • A-Frame (rigid, lightweight, and low-profile)
  • Hatches (either armored or unarmored)
  • Secondary Weapon Stations
  • Gunners’ Protection Kit or Armor Shields (vehicle specific models)

3-Bay Low-Profile Ammo Can Assembly

3 Bay Mounting Bracket

  • Part No. M70-244
  • The mounting bracket (M70-337) mounts to the rear of the turret using existing turret bearing mounting holes. The mounting bracket is designed for use with the 3-bay ammo can holder (M70-244), which can be rapidly removed and installed using captive ball lock pins. The 3-bay ammo can bin will hold six 12.7mm/.50 Cal 100 round ammunition cans, three 12.7mm/.50 Cal (PA70) 225 round ammunition cans, or three 40mm 32 round ammunition cans.
  • The lightweight bracket and bins balance the turret, making the turret easier to control and traverse, critical with a manual turret not on level ground.

Bearing Sleeve Extension and Brass Brushes

MK93 Armor Shield Assembly

Part No. M70-335 M1113 HMMWV

Part No. M70-540 M1025 HMMWV

Part No. M35-021

The MK93 Armor Shield Assembly comprises a One-Piece Armor Bracket with built-in Depression Stop Assembly and an Armor Shield in one assembly. MSG can provide a wide variety of armor shields in both steel and composites, depending on customer requirements. The “standard” shield is a Hi- Hard Steel shield with a defeat level of .50 Cal (12.7x99mm) Ball. The bracket assembly is made from non-corrosive steel.

Secondary Weapons Station

Type 1 Pintle Assembly

Part No. M09-184

Attaches to the turret by utilizing the TOW bracket/dog collar.

Lightweight Low-Profile A-Frame

Part No. TUR1012

Secondary Weapons Station

Type 3 Pintle Assembly

Part No. M09-185

Attaches to the outside of the turret ring by utilizing existing hole pattern on the ring.

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